Mission Statement

SWTA’s mission is to provide a community of education, communication, and advocacy to strengthen our members and their ability to better provide public transportation services and products in the communities they serve.

Core Values

While the South West Transit Association certainly embraces such standard values as integrity, excellence, honesty, accountability, diversity, and innovation, our planning process identified additional values that make SWTA unique.

SWTA also values:

  • Our regional nature and strength
  • Our culture of friendliness, approachability, and enthusiastic idea sharing
  • Our ability to provide more personal and customized services to members
  • Our no-frills, economical and efficient member services
  • Our ability to have fun and not always take ourselves seriously

SWTA Strategic Plan

In 2013 the SWTA Board will embark on a journey to set a clear vision with measurable objectives for the next ten years. The foundation for this effort is the approved the SWTA Strategic Plan that was adopted at the February 19, 2008 board meeting. Keith Jones, Strategic Plan Committee Chair, made a point of saying it is and will continue to be a work in progress. That work will further crystallize throughout 2013 as SWTA considers transit’s pivotal role in the development of sustainable, liveable and accessible communities.

As you read through the 2008 goals and objectives set forth by the board and membership, you will see there is still room for comment and improvement. Please weigh in with your vision for SWTA’s future. Simply contact swta@swta.org, speak with any SWTA board member, or contact Executive Director, Kristen Joyner. To view the 2008 plan, click the link to the right. (View PDF)

SWTA Bylaws

Many thanks to the 2008 Bylaws Committee members who worked tirelessly and courageously to provide the most comprehensive and updated bylaws possible for the proper running of the South West Transit Association. Access a copy of the SWTA Association Bylaws by clicking the link to the right. (View PDF)

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