Strategic Plan

The South West Transit Association (SWTA) is a regional transit association formed in 1979 to represent transit operators and others interested in public transit issues in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. In recent years our primary focus has been on advocacy, professional development and networking.

SWTA has grown quite a bit since 1979, and is larger today than it has ever been. On an incremental and somewhat random basis, the association has moved forward, become more sophisticated, more efficient, and more technologically advanced in the services it offers.

This strategic plan provides a picture of where the association is going, how it will get there, and how it will know it has arrived. The process of developing this plan has been just as important as its completion. Through this process, the association’s leadership has become engaged and has embarked upon exercises causing them to think about and focus on the organization’s future and potential.

The SWTA Strategic Plan is not a stagnate, put-it-on-the-shelf document, so everyone can say, “Ah, we have a strategic plan.”

No! This document is a living, breathing document. It embodies the hopes and goals of the SWTA membership. Just as life changes, so does a strategic plan.

It represents a consensus about where SWTA is going, and ensures that the association’s resources are focused in areas of highest priority. This clear view of how activities should be structured to better serve the members, will in turn lead to a more robust customer service experience for all SWTA members.

Please read and we welcome your comments.

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