2 Paratransit Questions – Information Sharing Needed

​Â The purpose of this news section is to report transit news AND to share information. I had 2 questions that came into the SWTA office from members. I would love to get some information sharing from our transit community.

Question 1: Does anyone have a sample of a Complaint & Grievance form for ADA? This form would be a part of a Policy for Paratransit Services booklet. Please post and share ideas.

Example from Baton Rouge, LAÂ 07 ADA Complaint Form

Example from Port Aurthur, TX ADA Grievance Form PDF

Example from Beaumont, TX ADA Grievance Form PDF

Question 2: One of the transit providers in the SWTA region asked about changing the hours of Daycare van operations and how this can be done. He wanted to know if he had to match the service hours of his regular bus system or could he change the hours due to low ridership.

If you have comments to share, click the COMMENT button. If you have a sample form to upload, you can email that to me and I’ll post it. Thank you in advance!

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