Advocacy Makeover Online Training Sessions and Resources

Transit needs YOUR voice.

Transit needs YOUR perspective

Transit needs YOUR story.

Do you have a transit story to tell, but not certain how to take action - what to say, who to tell and how to tell it?

SWTA put together the following resources for you to begin telling your story with confidence and professionalism.

Session One of SWTA’s 2015 Advocacy Makeover Training

Speakers: Eron Linn, Federal Relations Manager, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and Steve Palmer, Vice President, Van Scoyoc Associates

You will see from their bios that both men have extensive backgrounds in not only transit and with elected officials, but Eron served on staff for two different US Congressmen and Steve was Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Transportation. This webinar features insider tips on how to set an appointment, who to contact, what to take with you and more.

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Mr. Linn’s bio

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Mr. Palmer’s bio

This is a one hour Webinar in mp4 format: Start Session One - click here

Session Two of SWTA’s 2015 Advocacy Makeover Training

Our guest speaker will be Scott Bogren, the Communications Director for CTAA. I’m very excited that Scott has agreed to help with this project. On top of his vast knowledge of federal legislative issues and how they relate to small and rural transit providers, Scott has a great way of teaching how to overcome what might appear to be a negative response from an elected official or community partner, by making public transportation the answer to their biggest objection.

This is a one hour Webinar in mp4 format: Start Session Two - click here


From Community Transit Association of America (CTAA)

  • Sometimes, understanding communications techniques is easier by seeing it in action. Here, we provide eight short video examples of the communications skills you’ll need to develop and hone to create the best possible outcomes from your conversations about transit — whether they be with an elected official, a chamber of commerce, a newspaper editorial board or at church.

Communication Strategies in Motion from CTAA

Transit Data, Information and Trends

From American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

  • Invite your federal representative to tour your organization or system and show off firsthand the benefits of public-private partnerships in the public transportation industry. This video helps you along the way with steps to take in inviting your representative, from the beginning of the tour to writing a follow-up letter, plus some do’s and don’ts.


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