Baton Rouge CATS Needs 15 Loaner Buses, Post Flooding

Baton Rouge CATS Needs 15 Loader Buses, Post Flooding

The cameras have gone, the news media is silent - Yet, the people in the Parishes surrounding Baton Rouge are still recovering from recent flooding and our SISTER PROPERTY - Baton Rouge Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is in great need of 15 loaner vehicles. Bill Deville, Interim Chief Executive Office for CATS writes the following:

As the disaster flooding subsides, we are finding a lot of challenges that still lie ahead.

During the emergency rescue period, we were directed to evacuate well over 5,000 riders out of various sites that were flooded. According to our COO, so far we are starting to see a number of our vehicles suffering some water related issues and have at least a dozen vehicles down as a result. This situation is causing us immediate harm as we try to get back to full service, and continue meeting the disaster related requests from DOTD, FTA, and FEMA to aid flood/shelter evacuees.

We are reaching out to the SWTA Nation to see if anyone can temporarily loan us up to 15 buses for approximately 3 months, as soon as…NOW.

If you are in a position to help CATS with even ONE vehicle, please contact Bill Deville today or contact SWTA to get the word to CATS. Please put We Have Loaner Buses in the subject line.

Bill Deville -
Kristen Joyner -

ADDITIONAL HELP for surrounding Parishes:

The SWTA Transit Marketing Workshop is taking place September 26-27 in Baton Rouge. The City itself did not see massive flooding, but many employees of CATS did experience total devastation. As a part of the Workshop, we will be visiting a nearby donation center and will help sort through and organize relief donations for victims.

SWTA will be looking for additional opportunities for you to provide assistance, but here is a link to ways you can help now. Link to Ways You Can Help

From CATS Employee, Emily Efferson
“Contractor finished gutting the rest of house today…tubs, sinks, bathroom cabinets and toilets are gone. Also removed the lower kitchen cabinets, drawers, countertops, garbage disposal and dishwasher. We plan to eventually take out the upper kitchen cabinets too, but for now they are staying. They sprayed the newly removed gutted areas with bleach water. Got the dehumidifier running. Will use mold spray when it’s drier next week. Contractor will also be testing with a mold /moisture meter before replacing any Sheetrock. We remain very thankful for God’s blessings. We will prevail.”
See the Video at SWTA’s Facebook Page

Resources for Flood Victims:

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Please be safe today.

The Board and Staff of South West Transit Association

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