EMBARK Offers Free Bus & Spokies Rides for Earth Day

Oklahoma City – EMBARK is making SmartMoves by adding compressed natural gas buses to the fleet and encouraging the public to take steps to reduce emissions. To make an impact this Earth Day, EMBARK is offering free bus rides on all routes and free use of Spokies bicycles on Friday, April 21. The goal of free rides is to encourage people to take the bus or other public transit instead of their car to reduce harmful emissions. One EMBARK bus can replace up to 35 vehicles.

EMBARK has committed to transitioning the entire bus fleet from diesel-powered buses to CNG-powered by 2025. This fall, EMBARK will add eleven more CNG powered buses to their fleet. Construction will start on a CNG filling station at EMBARK’s Maintenance facility late this summer. EMBARK’s alternative fuel vehicles are being branded with SmartMove decals this month to signify a move towards a fleet that has little to no environmental impact.

“We’re launching the SmartMove campaign to demonstrate EMBARK’s commitment to clean air and remind people that the transit options are more environmentally-friendly, healthier, less stressful, and more affordable than individual vehicles,” says Jason Ferbrache, EMBARK administrator.

EMBARK continually makes improvements to its services that have improved the quality of life. In 2014, EMBARK realigned its transit network to gain efficiencies, and at the same time riders agreed that they have improved access to grocery stores (63%), access to healthcare facilities (55%), and physical activity opportunities (42%)*. Earlier this year, a new vanpool program – EMBARK Rideshare – was launched to help reduce the number of single occupant vehicles on the road.

Ferbrache adds, “With our free bus rides and free access to Spokies on Friday, we hope to encourage those who have never taken public transit in Oklahoma City to try it and see how a simple change in their daily routine can make a lasting impact on the air quality in our city and their quality of life.”

EMBARK’s fleet currently consists of 49 diesel buses, 8 CNG buses, 2 hybrid electric buses, 50 Spokies bikes and 8 Spokies stations. EMBARK hopes to have its entire fleet converted to alternative fuels by 2025.

To enjoy free 30-minute rides on Spokies, just enter promo code 04212017 at any station. To find a station, visit

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