Hurricane Harvey Needs

This page has been developed so that you can see needs and status reports of Texas transit agencies and how to give.

SWTA and TTA will continually update this page with transit needs that arise from Hurricane Harvey.

Need Help? Contact:

Kristen Joyner, SWTA - 817-295-3663,
Meredith Greene, TTA - (512) 900-0550,

CTAA provides a resource through our partnership with Toyota USA and their designated distributor that offers “fleet reduced prices” for vehicles such as the Sienna mini-van and the Dodge Caravan.

For those of you who are in the thick of the STORM, “Eat, Drink, Sleep” - that’s an order from Marine and Executive Director, Joel Gardener, Ozark Transit - who just survived losing most of his vehicles to a fire.

Our National Partners:


Thank you for remembering our Harvey victims!

Gift cards were given by:

AFSCME Local 3624, Los Angeles, CA - $10,000


26 Anonymous Gifts

APTA Business Member Board of Governors (BMBG)

APTA Staff & Members - $8000


CATS Baton Rouge

Charles McGraw (RYDE Nebraska)


Emily W. (Anonymous)

Florida Public Transit Association


Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority

MetroTransit (Minneapolis)


Jonnie Kusek (Panhandle Trails NE)


MetroTransit (Minneapolis)

Miller Family

PTG International See Letter

Denver RTD, Legal Services Division

RTA Chicago

San Jose Transit See Letter

Santa Clarita Transit




Valley Metro

Valley Metro Rail

Virginia Transit Association



Donations were given by:

BraunAbility, Kansas City, KS

Capital METRO, Austin, TX

CARTS, Austin, TX

CATS, Baton Rouge, LA

KCATA, Kansas City, MO

Valley Metro, Phoenix, AZ

Volunteer coordinators for donation delivery:

Colten Walle, BraunAbility

Dottie Watkins, Capital METRO

Evan Stafford, Chariot Transit (FORD Motor)

Jameson Auten, KCATA

Kristen Roberts, Valley Metro

Shawna Russell, Independent Contractor

Tom Grantham, CARTS

What to do if you want to give?

September 14 UPDATE:

NO CLOTHING! Period. Trust me, read below to provide real help.

1. Buy gift cards to Walmart, Target, CVS/Walgreens, HEB (grocery), Home Depot/Lowe’s, Chili’s, Chick-fil-a, Whataburger etc… Make certain the card does not have additional fees the recipient needs to pay (i.e. some Mastercard/VISA gift cards).

Send the gift cards to Meredith at TTA. We will deliver to the transit systems affected so they can distribute directly to employees who have needs.
TEXAS Harvey Relief/TTA
ATTN: Meredith Greene
106 E 6th Street, Suite 900
Austin, TX 78701

TTA and SWTA will not be taking cash donations.

We checked into setting up a GoFundMe account. There are fees involved that will lessen the amount going directly to victims. Additionally, SWTA and TTA’s efforts would be flagged as a scam.

2. Always consider a donation to the Red Cross as an option and

WalMart is matching all gifts at

Also Salvation Army and Samaritan’s Purse.

Thank you for being interested and having a big heart to GIVE. Keep up the good work Transit Family.

3. Does anyone have expertise in working with FEMA claims? We are looking for a technical assistance expert AND real examples from the field. Please contact Kristen or Meredith for more details on how you can help.

4. SCAM alert: Send this information to transit personnel in Texas from Sen. Kelly Hancock’s (TX-Dist 9) office. Click HERE.

In the wake of a significant natural disaster, homeowners should be on alert for storm-chasers. File insurance claims directly with your insurance company. Do not provide up-front payment to individuals who may be blanketing your neighborhood promising faster repairs or larger payouts.

HB 1774 has no impact on the insurance claims process,

September 14, 2017 Weekly Status Report from TxDOT

Transit Districts Funded by TxDOT with Operations in the Disaster Declaration Areas. 9 Rural Transit Districts and 8 Urban Transit Districts in storm impacted area.


With the exception of Beaumont area rural program services, all other transit providers report restoration of regular service levels. Focus is turning to damage assessment and reporting claims.

Bryan District

Brazos Transit District (Bryan/College Station, Conroe-Woodlands urbanized areas, rural areas NE, N, and NW of Harris County):
- Flood damage to Woodlands Maintenance Facility
- Flood damage to 3 vehicles stored in and around the Woodlands Facility
- Service back to normal

They are doing fine.

Beaumont District

Beaumont Transit:
- No damage to fleet and facilities
- Service normal

Port Arthur Transit:
- Minor flood damage to facility
- 1 vehicle in water

Port Arthur has 33 operators. 30 of those operators lost everything.

Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission (rural service areas for Harding, Jefferson, and Orange counties):
- Orange Community Action Association: three 5311 vehicles with flood damage; no service
- Orange County: has no fleet or facility damage, but will conduct only limited service beginning next week
- Driver shortage due to employee personal property damage/access issues

Houston District

Galveston County Transit District:
- No damage to fleet and facilities
- Service Normal

Ft. Bend County Transit District:
- No damage to fleet and facilities
- Service normal

Six operators did have total loss and we are working on getting gift cards to them.

Gulf Coast Center:
- No damage to fleet and facilities
- Service normal

A Better Way Transportation, Houston reports:
Our drivers are flooded out and can’t make routes. We do have dialysis patients that we’re concerned about. I have no suggestions on how you can be of assistance. Because it’s so overwhelming we can’t even begin to think past the safety of our employees and their families as well as our clients. Prayers are needed and appreciated!!!!

Austin District

- No damage to fleet and facilities
- Service normal

Yoakum District

Colorado Valley Transit (counties immediately east of Houston and Ft. Bend):
- No damage to fleet and facilities
- Service normal

Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission (Victoria Transit, surrounding rural areas including Matagorda and Calhoun counties):
- Roof damage to Regional Planning Commission HQ Building
- Fleet ok
- Service back to normal

Island Transit (Galvaston):
Reports no damage to vehicles, minimal damage to downtown facility. Routes are all running including park and ride service, however, park and ride may begin limited service Tuesday of next week. They have 3 operators who live in Dickinson who lost everything.

Corpus Christi District

Rural Economic Assistance League, Inc. - REAL (Bee, Refugio, San Patricio, Aransas counties):
- Minor building damage
- Fleet ok
- Service back to normal

Click HERE to read their needs assessment.

September 14, 2017 Status Report and Local Updates
Houston METRO

Houston METRO: Is beginning to restore service. See press release.

METRO has 3900 employees, 10% of their workforce were affected by Harvey. HR has assessed the personal needs and has provided a report to SWTA/TTA. We are waiting for gift cards to come in so that we can give to METRO. METRO has a unique program called, “Save A Fellow Employee” that will be used to collect information and disseminate help.

METRO’s maintenance facility has been severely damaged.


Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (CCRTA)

Our agency fared well, we are now at full service to our community. Unfortunately, I have employees who sustained a personal catastrophic loss. Thanks to TTA and SWTA for putting together a relief program for transit employees, I will be submitting a list of CCRTA employees who sustained hardship in hopes that they may be considered for some relief.

CCRTA has sustained minor damage.


Kristen Joyner, SWTA - 817-295-3663, OR
Meredith Greene, TTA - (512) 900-0550,

Can public transit agencies provide transportation to evacuate people or for volunteers?


In anticipation of your efforts responding to Hurricane Harvey, be assured that as a transit provider you may assist with evacuations or other movement of people that might otherwise be considered charter transportation when that transportation is in response to an emergency declared by the President, governor, or mayor, or in an emergency requiring immediate action prior to a formal declaration. Please make sure you keep separate records of transportation services provided to evacuees and the cost of these services to facilitate requests for reimbursement, as appropriate. We are equally concerned that you may sustain storm-related damages to fleet and other assets, despite best efforts to secure them otherwise.

You may have received a similar email from FTA Region 6 for your Section 5307-related services. You are receiving this message for your Section 5311 service. We will work with FTA to sort out the details related to both programs.

After the immediate emergency is over, please be prepared to provide an update on of expenditures related to evacuation services planned and/or provided, damages to equipment and facilities, and any requests you may have for assistance.

Thank you in advance for your hard work and dedication to those in need.

Eric Gleason

Director, Public Transportation Division

Texas Department of Transportation

Public Transportation Emergency Relief Fund- 49 U.S. Code, Section 5324

The Public Transportation Emergency Relief Fund- 49 U.S. Code, Section 5324. Look at The Cornell Law School at Cornell University which provides an easy-to-read description of the code. Also, additional information is found in the FTA Chapter 53 of title 49, United States Code, as amended by Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act Related FAST and MAP-21 provisions December 1, 2015. If you have any damage or losses as a result of the disaster to FTA funded equipment of facilities then contact your FTA Regional office.


Federal Emergency Evacuation Resources

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