Make December 1st Rosa Parks Free Ride Day

Make December 1st National Free Ride Day! Join Topeka Metro for their “We All Ride Together” campaign.

The Remember Rosa Project idea came at a time of heightened unrest across the nation when racial divide reached a fever pitch in several cities across the United States. The thought was to provide Topekans with an opportunity to engage with each other, fostering mutual understanding, racial healing, and reconciliation. The City of Topeka was poised at an inflection point with significant energy invested by numerous private and civic entities, as well as individuals, toward creating a more positive and united community. The Remember Rosa project sought to reinforce that movement.

The Remember Rosa Mobile Museum (inside a fully wrapped Topeka Metro Bus) was in public service for a full year (2015-2016). The Mobile Museum traveled to all USD 501 schools with Brown vs Board park rangers sharing the story of how transit affected the Civil Rights Movement and included an integrated classroom curriculum. In October 2015, a Unity Walk began at the Great Overland Station, crossed a section of the Kansas Avenue Bridge, and ended in the NOTO Arts District in North Topeka. Although the mobile museum was dismantled in October 2016, the “Rosa bus,” as it is affectionately called, continued to carry passengers on Topeka Metro, and has been a favorite, because of its significance. Susan Duffy, Topeka Metro’s general manager, has sought to encourage all public transits to celebrate Remember Rosa day by promoting a free ride day. At Topeka Metro, we use the motto, “We All Ride Together!”

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