Meet Tim Reed New Mexico Rail Runner Express Engineer

Tim Reed Engineer for Rio Metro
Tim Reed Engineer for Rio Metro

I have the most stressful, frustratingly fun job you could ever have,” says Tim Reed.

As an Engineer for the New Mexico Rail Runner Express, Tim has seen it all. Kids playing on the tracks, cars running around the gates, people messing around and not paying attention to an oncoming train. “I work as hard as I possibly can to keep people safe,” he says.

It’s a stressful job, but it’s also fun. “I love it because I feel like I’m accomplishing something. I’m getting people home safe and on time,” says Tim.
Tim started working with the Rail Runner as a conductor 14 years ago. After just over a year in that position, he tested for and became an engineer.

Living the Dream

“I still see passengers that I saw when I was a conductor. The same people are still taking the train 14 years later,” he says. “What’s really neat, though, is when you see the little ones. The five and six-year-olds. You see the excitement in their eyes when they wave at the train. I’m living every kid’s dream- I operate the train!”

Currently, Tim’s schedule varies daily, but he prefers operating the morning trains. “Even though we go from Belen to Santa Fe every day, the scenery changes. We have beautiful sunrises. I also like seeing the changes and improvements that have been made in the communities.”
The morning schedule also allows Tim to pick up his son from school and take him to baseball practice and the gym.

All in the Family

“I’m extremely lucky,” says Tim. “I love the job. I wouldn’t do anything else. I met my wife on the train. Our family started there, it provides for us, and it’s a great career.”

Thank you, Tim, for keeping us moving!

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