Mountain Metropolitan Transit: Adding New Buses to Fleet

Mountain Metropolitan Transit has received six new fixed-route buses. Four of the buses will replace aging, high-mileage buses and two buses are additions, bringing the total fixed-route fleet to 45. The buses will be put into service by year-end following a final inspection and licensing. The new buses come with the latest innovative diesel engine technology including the latest clean diesel fuel. Both the new generation of engines, and the fuel itself, meet the strictest emission regulations in the U.S. The ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, advanced engines, and effective emissions control combine to achieve a near zero emission that is smoke free.

The new buses also feature a Yield to Bus signal and sign indicating to motorists that they need to let the bus back into traffic. Motorists yielding to buses as they re-enter traffic from a bus stop will improve traffic safety and improve the productivity of the City’s transit system. Delays in returning to traffic hurt transit on-time performance and result in unproductive time along bus routes.

Mountain Metropolitan Transit provides local fixed-route bus service and Mountain Metro Mobility ADA Paratransit service for Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. All buses are wheelchair-lift equipped. Mountain Metropolitan Transit also provides other services such as Mountain Metro Rides’ ridesharing, vanpool, and bicycling programs. For added convenience, there are bike racks on all buses for riders who want to utilize the bike-n-bus program.


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