OVIPT - Operation Veterans in Public Transportation is SWTA’s new veterans program.

There are three main components of the OVIPT Program:


There are 62 military installations in the 8-state SWTA region. Direct contact with ACAP/TAP offices in all of our 8 states allows us the opportunity to educate military members, still in service, about public transportation and provide bridge training (i.e. What is Public Transportation? What jobs are available? How do my skills translate?) for successful careers in our industry.

Job Fairs:

SWTA personally attends as many military job fairs within our region as we can. We invite the nearest transit agencies to join us at the table for direct contact with active duty, retired and former military individuals. We also provide current job listings from transit agencies and businesses that are members of SWTA. This allows veterans the opportunity to relocate to another state if they are interested. All resumes received are matched with the job listing and the resumes are sent to the HR departments. We ask that all veterans be contacted within a week of the job fair.

Recognition of Service:

SWTA produced lapel pins that read OVIPT Serving Faithfully. These pins are provided for any member agency that wants to recognize veterans in their organization. The cost of the pins are $1 each, our initial cost. Contact Kristen if you want to see a sample and/or order pins for your organization.

SWTA’s Veterans Jobs Fair Calendar:

If you are hosting a Veteran’s Jobs Fair, we want to promote it and be there with you.

Want more information about the OVIPT program or sponsorship opportunities? Please contact Kristen at


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