Phoenix: Discount Cab Launches App

Valley residents looking for either immediate or pre-scheduled transportation in a cab, a rideshare or a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can now do it all from a new mobile app.

Glendale-based Total Transit, the parent company of Discount Cab, has launched Discount Ride, a new app providing passengers with the widest variety of vehicle, scheduling and payment options in Arizona.

The array of transportation services available through the Discount Ride App includes a new rideshare option called Ride that costs up to 60 percent less than a cab.

The app is available today for passengers for use in the greater Phoenix area. Services accessible through the Discount Ride App will roll into Tucson in late 2016.

The Discount Ride App enables passengers to request a traditional cab, a wheelchair-accessible cab, a private rideshare vehicle or a rideshare van for either real-time or future travel.

Passengers can choose between paying with cash or a credit card in the vehicle when they reach their destinations, or can pay with a credit card through the app.

Requests for both immediate service and arrangements for pre-scheduling transportation can be made either through the app or online at

“The Discount Ride App provides options that passengers need the most,” said Jerry Mullen, Vice President of operations at Total Transit. “Services like pre-scheduling and making cash payments haven’t been available through existing rideshare platforms. We’ve listened to our passengers and have built an app that gives them what they want: choices and flexibility.”

Travel using the new Ride rideshare service costs $0.95 per mile and $0.26 per minute. There are no surge/prime time fees like those billed by other rideshare companies.

Passengers using the app to request transportation and pay by credit card within the app will receive up to $10 off the cost of their first trip by using the promo code RIDE10.

Before selecting whether to book a Ride rideshare or traditional cab, passengers will be able to see fare estimates and wait times for the closest vehicles to their locations.

Mullen says the new Discount Ride App is ideal for anyone who wants more options when it comes to how to book a trip, how to pay and vehicle preference.

“Whenever people in Phoenix need to get to where they need to go, we want them to think of the Discount Ride App for access to the safest, most convenient and most affordable options,” Mullen said.

To ensure passenger safety, all Ride rideshare drivers are required to pass extensive state and federal background checks. Unlike other rideshare providers, each Ride driver must also pass a drug and alcohol test and complete specialized classroom and on-the-road sensitivity training.

“We’re looking to add safe drivers to build our rideshare fleet in Phoenix now, and later this year we’ll be recruiting drivers in Tucson,” Mullen said. “We already have the largest cab fleet in the state with more than 800 Discount Cab vehicles, and we’re inviting more rideshare drivers to our team.” Ride drivers are paid daily, not weekly like other rideshare companies.

Total Transit is contracting with 200 rideshare drivers for its Ride fleet during the initial launch phase and has plans to contract with up to 2,000 drivers between Phoenix and Tucson in the next 12 months. Applications to become a Ride driver can be found online at

The Highlights:

The Discount Ride app allows Total Transit, the parent company of Arizona’s Discount Cab, to more closely compete with rideshare companies Uber and Lyft on price, while maintaining its focus on safety through extensive background checks, drug testing and training for its drivers.

The app, which is new to the Phoenix market also provides the following benefits:
Total Transit plans to contract with up to 2,000 drivers for the program in Phoenix and Tucson in the next year.

  • no surge or prime time fees
  • the ability to pay in cash or by credit card
  • the option to pre-schedule a Ride
  • the ability to schedule a Ride through the app or online at
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