Study Shows Public Transit Access Leads to Higher Employment, Lower Poverty

CLEVELAND — The Greater Cleveland RTA provides an annual economic impact of $322 million in Cuyahoga County alone and access to public transit can lead to increased property values, greater employment and decreased poverty, according to a new study released Tuesday from Cleveland State University’s Center for Economic Development.

After being contracted by RTA in the summer of 2018, CSU researchers were tasked to quantify the annual economic impact that the RTA has on Cuyahoga County, in addition to measuring the economic benefit that RTA-related expenditures have on the local economy.

According to the study, the impact of public transit on Cuyahoga County property values is $2.2 billion with an estimated annual economic impact of $322 million. RTA’s direct spending in the county accounts for $182 million of the total economic return to the county. An additional $35 million is a result of local businesses selling goods and services to RTA. More than $104 million of economic impact comes from goods and services purchased by RTA and employees of RTA suppliers who live in the county.

Dr. Iryna Lendel, the director of CSU’s Center for Economic Development, said RTA’s impact on the local economy is very significant. Click here to read more.


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