SWTA Members to Vote on Revised Bylaws and Slate of Officers

First, the SWTA Board has been busy revising the Bylaws of the organization.

Their work in draft form is being presented for your review. On Monday, March 5, 2018, at the SWTA Annual Meeting in Denver, you will be called on to vote regarding these changes. Each organization will receive one vote. Please review, consider and be ready to cast your vote. If you have questions, please contact Susan Duffy, Secretary-Treasurer or Kristen Joyner, Executive Director by email.

Key changes and clarifications:

  • Policy issues will be dealt with in policy documents.
  • The Bylaws will be reviewed every three years.
  • Officers will now have Chair and Vice Chair as designation, not President and Vice President.
  • Committees of the Board will be comprised of Executive Committee, Finance Committee and any other Committee the Chair believes are necessary to support and advance the work of the organization.
  • A section regarding the role of the Executive Director was added.
  • Indemnification and Surety Bond sections were added to the Bylaws.
  • Meetings of the board and notification to members was clarified.
  • Antiquated language and references were removed.

Proposed Amended Bylaws can be found HERE and below in the documents section.

Current Bylaws can be found HERE.

Second, the Nominating Committee has completed their work for 2018-2019 and would like to present the following slate of Officers and Directors for your approval.

You will have the opportunity to vote on Monday, March 5, 2018, in Denver at the SWTA Annual Meeting. Please review the slate and be prepared to vote. Each organization will have one vote.

Report of the 2018 Nominating Committee

Submitted: February 16, 2018

The nominating committee met to discuss potential board member applications. Serving on the committee were Angie Gilliam, Chair, Dinero Washington, and David Averill. The committee was appointed by President Gary Thomas.

Each nominee considered, provided a resume and a statement of purpose.

After careful review, the committee recommends the following slate of nominees to fill the positions that are open for the FY2018 year. These recommendations are based on the selected representative’s years of experience and SWTA’s goal as an organization to ensure diversity and fair representation throughout the geographical area and type of providers it represents.


Jeff Arndt, CEO, VIA, San Antonio, Texas

Vice President

Susan Duffy, GM, Topeka Transit, Topeka, Kansas

Secretary /Treasurer

Joel Gardner, GM, Ozark Regional Transit, Springdale, Arkansas

Director at large

Bruce Morrow

Notes: Bruce brings his experience as a past SWTA Board member and Director of a rural transit system to the SWTA Board. He is committed to ensuring that smaller systems have a voice at the regional and national levels and will be a great representative for these systems on the Board.


Business Member Representatives

Lonnie Blades, Senior Advisor, Herzog Transit Services

Notes: Lonnie brings over 30 years of experience in the transit industry to the SWTA Board and we look forward to working with him and leveraging his background and experience to strengthen the SWTA Board.

Andrew Ittigson, Department Manager, Transit, AECOM

Notes: Andrew has been active in SWTA for the last 4 years and brings 15 years of service planning experience for all types of agencies to the table. We look forward to working with Andrew to build on SWTAs past successes as it moves to address the challenges of the future.

We appreciate all those who applied and their associated time and effort. The Committee will notify those who were not chosen before the announcement becomes public on February 2, 2018.

See the current Board of Directors here.


Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas


Proposed Amended Bylaws - for a vote March 5, 2018
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