SWTA Shares Enthusiastic Support for the INVEST in America Act

Funding Levels: FAST Act vs INVEST Act

On June 8, the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) Committee introduced the INVEST in America Act, representing the party’s proposed legislation for reauthorization of federal surface transportation programs, including those supporting transit. Upon recommendation of its Board of Directors, Legislative Committee and staff, the South West Transit Association enthusiastically supports the bill as a transformative shift in investment to effective, reliable and affordable mobility in communities of all sizes.

Please read our full letter of support to Rep. Peter DeFazio, Chair of the Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) Committee.

SWTA has also prepared a series of charts outlining the significant increases in transit funding programs under the proposed legislation.

We will be monitoring activity on the INVEST in America Act as it makes its way through the House, along with any corresponding legislation in the Ways & Means Committee to deliver sustainable revenue sources to support all federal surface transportation programs. We’ll also work with Senators representing the 8 states of the SWTA Nation to ensure a similar level of commitment to transformative transit investment is realized in the upper chamber.


Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas


SWTA Letter of Support: INVEST in America Act
Funding Charts: FAST Act vs INVEST Act
List of Changes from INVEST Act to Moving Forward Act
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