SWTA/TransTrack Session: Expanding Access Through Meaningful Data

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Join SWTA & TransTrack to gain practical experience in applying data to inform your service planning efforts and achieve goals for accessibility, equity and responsiveness in your community or region.

Presenters & Topics:

•Mobility Management Eligibility Database – Joanna Huitt, Marin Transit (CA)
Marin Transit has partnered with TransTrack Systems to create a standalone mobility management eligibility database around their programs and independent from any eligibility contractor or demand response scheduling system.

•Mobility Options For Your Passengers – Lisa Womack, KCATA (MO/KS)
KCATA has been aggressive in Piloting several different modes of service including Taxis, TNCs and Microtransit – so many choices, how do you decide?

•Mobility Trends and Opportunities – Ron Brooks, Accessible Avenue(AZ)
Having experience from both the public and private sector, let’s talk about mobility trends and opportunities.

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