Phoenix, Arizona: Celebrating a WIN for Transportation

Anthony Foxx
Anthony Foxx, United States Secretary of Transportation

The Obama Administration’s top transportation official joined city leaders Friday (8/21) morning to announce $30 million in nonprofit funding for new housing, businesses, jobs and services along local rail corridors, especially in low-income areas.

The visit from Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx came as Phoenix residents prepared for the Aug. 25 vote on the Prop 104 transit tax. Foxx joined community leaders to discuss how community development groups are leveraging transit expansion to drive economic activity and improve quality of life in disadvantaged communities.

Phoenix voters cast a vote for their city’s future today by saying yes to a transportation plan that will expand their light rail system and bus service, improve streets, create more bike lanes, decrease congestion and pollution and boost economic development.

Unofficial results released late Tuesday shows Prop 104 passing with more than 55 percent.

Passage of the Prop 104 is a big step forward for the City of Phoenix and a monumental victory for the downtown as it continues its evolution as a live/learn/work/play destination,” said David Krietor, President
and CEO of Downtown Phoenix Inc. “The transportation plan will accelerate the positive momentum we’ve experienced in the last 10 years.”


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