Topeka Metro hopes to bring Topekans together with new Rosa Parks bus

A Topeka Metro bus was getting a makeover Monday in an effort to bring Topekans together. The Topeka Metro stickers were removed so a special Remembering Rosa wrap could be placed. The bus will feature the phrase “We All Ride Together. It all started on a bus.. Rosa Parks December 1, 1955.”

On the inside, someone will be sharing the story of Rosa Parks and her role in the Civil Rights Movement to riders. Glenda Washington, a volunteer of the Remembering Rosa project, calls it a moving museum.

Washington says that it about more than just a history lesson, but bringing the community together.

“We hope once they’ve come off that bus you’ll be able to take that message to the next person, and the next person and everybody in the community will begin to work together as one,” said Washington. “We are Topeka and we need to begin to work together as a unit not in separate pods.”

Topeka Metro will also be offering free rides Oct. 2 as part of Remembering Rosa Day.

It is just one of many events planned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white man on an Alabama bus on Dec. 1, 1955. Including a Unity Walk Oct. 2 along the Kansas Ave. bridge and a cultural festival in to the NOTO Arts District.


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