VIA honors Million Mile Club Inductees

Jesse Quintero, Million Mile Club
Jesse Quintero, Three Million Mile Club Honoree

SAN ANTONIO (Texas) — The average driver would take more than 80 years to accumulate a million miles of driving. A VIA bus operator can do it in about 12 ½ years.

Forty-three VIA Metropolitan Transit operators have fit at least one lifetime of driving without a preventable accident into their careers behind the wheel. That includes 11 who were recently inducted into the agency’s distinguished Million Mile Clubs, which count some of the safest bus and van operators in the nation as members.

The National Safety Council sponsors Million Mile Club programs as a vehicle to honor operators for maintaining safe vehicle operations while demonstrating outstanding driving performance.

VIA organized its own “One Million Mile Club” in 1998. To qualify for membership, a bus or van operator must demonstrate an exceptional dedication to safe vehicle operations by completing 12-and-a-half consecutive years without a preventable accident. For membership into VIA’s “Two Million Mile Club,” established in 1999, an operator must accumulate 25 years with the same safety criterion.

In October of 2016, 10 bus and van operators joined VIA’s One Million Mile Club, bringing membership for the distinguished group to 240. At the same ceremony, VIA inducted added a bus operator into its Two Million Mile Club, which brings the total for that club to 43.

VIA operators continue to excel, including Million Mile Club members who are among San Antonio’s safest and longest-serving drivers.

VIA’s exclusive Three Million Mile Club counts one proud member. To join, an operator must complete 37-and-a-half years without a preventable accident. VIA Bus Operator Jesse Quintero, Jr., holds the record with more than 50 years of safe driving—and counting.

Quintero’s stellar safety record drew the attention of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) in 2014, when it highlighted 100 years of safety awards in the transportation industry. Three bus operators from across the United States were recognized for having completed more than 40 years of safe driving.

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