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National Public Transportation Career Day

National Public Transportation Career Day, a national workforce development initiative that introduce K-12 students to careers in public transit, will take place on Thursday, May 12, 2016.

For the last 5 years, APTA’s Human Resource Committee has encouraged its members to facilitate outreach activities to showcase the wealth of career opportunities during National Public Transportation Career Day. They encourage the widespread APTA member community to facilitate outreach activities on May 12, with the youth in their immediate service areas.

Their goal is for all transit agencies, private transit companies, and private business to host an event or activity that will showcase industry talents. This is the opportunity to market transit careers to the next generation of prospective workers and the chance to mentor and teach the nation’s youth how to apply their individual skills to the public transportation industry. Engagement can be a tour of your transit facility, visiting a school, providing interactive demonstrations, holding a poster contest, or hosting a creative career awareness program.

In attracting new talent, knowledge and skill to public transportation, connecting with the K-12 students in your community is a way to tell our story of opportunity.

Proposed Activities from APTA:

Elementary School Students

  • Interactive Career Fair – onsite/off-site
  • Take Your Child to Work
  • Giveaways

Middle School Students

  • Career Awareness Programs
    • Career Fairs – highlight careers in transit (public, private, manufacturing)
    • Interactive Demonstrations
    • Job Shadowing
  • Transit Facility Tours
  • Bus/Rail Tours

High School Students

  • Career Awareness Programs –
    • Occupation Discussion – administrative, operator, maintenance, etc.
    • Information on training programs/internships
    • Job Fair – onsite/off-site
    • Job Shadowing
    • Mock Interviews/Expectations for Transit Employees
  • Distribute Materials to Schools –
    • Bus/Rail route schedules for student travel
    • Giveaways
    • Job listings/descriptions

Resources from APTA:

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APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference

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The annual Community Transportation EXPO is your chance to join colleagues from around the nation in a setting dedicated to fresh ideas, innovative products and services, networking and learning. You will not want to miss this conference. In addition to the important discussions on the legislative front, there will be dozens of training sessions, workshops and networking events that will allow you to advance your understanding of transit issues, develop fresh solutions to challenging issues and help you outline new approaches to your work.

Join us May 22-27 in Portland, Ore., for EXPO 2016!

Always regarded as among the nation’s most innovative communities, Portland, Ore., is a natural setting for our 28th annual EXPO. Beyond it’s robust and diverse set of mobility options - ranging from light rail and streetcars to volunteer driver’s and extensive bicycling infrastructure - Portland embraces concepts fundamental to community and public transportation: flexibility, responsiveness, scalability and efficiency. Come experience Innovation In Action at EXPO 2016, May 22-27.

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