Tolar Manufacturing Company to Supply Transit Shelters and Bus Benches for San Diego Metropolitan

Tolar Manufacturing Company announced today that it has been awarded a multi-year contract to design and supply transit shelters and advertising benches for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). Under these contracts 600 shelters and 1,800+ benches are being produced over the next five years and will be installed in communities within the MTS service area.

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People Who Move People: The Ladder of Success, Profile of Norm Mineta

The former Secretary of Transportation, whose parents were first-generation Japanese immigrants known as issei, is telling me the story of his family’s internment. We are sitting at the kitchen table in his home in Edgewater, Maryland. Talking about the searchlights he waves his hand over the table back and forth, as if petting an imaginary cat. “To this day I still think about that,” he says, looking out the window to the South River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

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VIA’s Sustainability Plan Offered Among Best Practices in the Industry

VIA Metropolitan Transit’s sustainable business practices have been held up as a model for environmental stewardship in transit.

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