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Assistant Director, Operations - West Central Mass Transit District


This new position is being created for Operations Management. Applicants submitting acceptable resumes and interest will be provided a packet of detailed information on the position.

An ideal candidate will have experience in public transportation leadership to the degree that they can approach WCMTD with attained skill and actively engage immediately as they orient to the culture and opportunities at WCMTD.

The position of Assistant Director is in full support to the chief executive officer of the organization as required by the WCMTD Board of Trustees. The Assistant Director is responsible for implementing the policies of the Executive and the Board to consumers and staff members; and overseeing the day to day operations of the West Central Mass Transit District in full compliance and accountability.

Full support between the two position leaders, Executive and Assistant, is essential to operational integrity and efficiency. See the supporting document that outlines extensive management duties and Primary/ Supportive roles assigned Exec Dir and Asst Dir.

This position is a newly created opportunity in 2021, specifically designed to restructure the leadership of WCMTD, and provide for smooth succession planning as directed by the Board of Directors. With successful results, this position will be established, and the Assistant Director considered prime for the Executive Director position anticipated opening early 2024.

Salary Range

$45,000 to $60,000

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Tom Atkins Executive Search Committee Chair 217-248-7000
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