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MOUNTAIN LINE: Associate Transit Planner, Flagstaff


  • General Information
    • Job Title:
      Associate Transit Planner
    • Location:
      • 3773 N Kaspar Avenue
      • Flagstaff, AZ, 86004
      • United States

    • Base Pay:
      $19.14 / Hour

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    • Job Category:
      Development, Transportation, Data Analyst

    • Industry:
      Govenment, Transit, Planning

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      Mountain Line
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  • Description

Primary Duties

  • Compile and analyze data as required for monthly, quarterly, and annual operational reports for internal, local, state, and federal agencies, such as the Federal Transit Administration and the National Transit Database. Data needed for National Transit Database includes managing the passenger mile data collection system, performing passenger boarding counts as needed, and maintaining ridership data.
  • Develops system wide service hour projections for budget and transit planning development.
  • Prepares analysis and reports to assist management in operations planning including ongoing trend analysis of each route in the system using transit industry standards and measures (passengers per hour, etc.), and frequent analysis of new routes, ridership by stop, and destination and predictive analysis related to new development.
  • Supports and actively upholds the development of Mountain Line’s Five-Year and Long-Range Transit Plan.
  • Participates in and makes recommendations on transit planning studies, programs, and surveys, including collection, entry, tabulation, and analysis of technical data.
  • Performs research and analysis and makes recommendations on proposed short- and long-term actions and projects.
  • Responsible for a variety of data and geographic analysis tools, such as Remix and Streetlight, to complete and support planning activities.
  • Provide technical analysis for service proposals and implementation, as needed, in the areas of operational impact, marketing, public input and information.
  • Assist with transit planning projects covering a range of topics such as emerging technology, fare collection, facility and fleet state of good repair, transition to battery electric buses, and first and last mile connections to transit.
  • Research best practices and provide assistance with transportation demand management.
  • Support programs to increase ridership and multi-modal travel demand.
  • Assist in planning for passenger amenity improvements, including examination, reporting, and developing proposed improvements and new facilities. These facilities include bus shelters, bus stop benches, park-and-ride lots, litter receptacles, information kiosks and other facilities.
  • Provides and prepares presentation materials including graphs, maps, and other visual displays.
  • Provides research and preliminary analysis of programs and regulations (as needed).
  • Provides input and program compliance on Title IV related to service planning.
  • Manages route guide distribution.
  • Attends, observes, and reports on public meetings
  • Perform other planning and quality monitoring tasks as assigned.
  • Support grant application and obligation processes.

Desired Education & Experience

  • Familiarity with transportation and land use modeling;
  • Basic transportation planning concepts, preferred experience in advanced and emerging transportation planning concepts;
  • Knowledge of project management techniques.
  • Associate degree in planning, economics, statistics, or similar field.
  • A minimum of two years of practical work experience with a planning agency, especially in transit, with project, research, and coordination experience.
  • Any combination of education, experience, and training that provides the required knowledge, abilities, and skill to perform the duties of the position.

Desired Skills & Abilities

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, preferred experience with pivot tables and formulas;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, internet, and other basic office functions, preferred experience with Remix, Streetlight, or other transportation planning platform;
  • Knowledge of and interest in transit and/or community planning;
  • Strong internal and external customer service skills;
  • Business English, spelling and arithmetic.
  • Perform field studies and data collection;
  • Read, interpret, and relate geographic data and statistical data;
  • Analyze and prepare technical data into clear and concise reports;
  • Perform basic administrative functions with speed and accuracy;
  • Meet deadlines and maintain work flow;
  • Ability to conduct research and analysis, write reports, correspondence, and memoranda, and carry out assignments and duties;
  • Use necessary tools to locate data and information;
  • Accurately maintain records and prepare reports;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other agencies and the public;
  • Follow written and verbal instructions;
  • Communicate effectively through verbal and written correspondence;
  • Manage peers through informal authority to get information needed.

Salary Range

19.14 to
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