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Public Works Supervisor - Transit


License and Certifications: Satisfactory motor vehicle record. Valid Oklahoma Commercial Driver’s license (CDL) Class B or obtain within twelve (12) months of employment. Ability to obtain Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) Certification under Section 609 of the Clean Air Act within six (6) months of employment. Ability to acquire an Oklahoma Department of Labor Alternative Fuels Equipment Technician license as classes become available.

Mental and Physical Abilities: Analytical ability to plan work schedules, evaluate work performances, diagnose equipment malfunctions, and determine necessary repairs. Ability to manage multiple projects at any given time. Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail when preparing reports or investigating complaints. Ability to lift and carry moderately heavy (25-50 lbs.) supplies, materials, and debris. Work requires continued walking, stooping, standing, and some climbing. Ability to maintain regular, predictable and punctual attendance.
WORKING CONDITIONS: Frequent exposure up to 50% of work time due to dirt, dust, extreme temperatures, noise, and noxious fumes and odors. Exposed to hazards associated with equipment, machinery, upgraded terrain at construction sites and moving vehicles on roadways. On-call 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week for emergencies.

Additional Information: Selected applicant must pass a background investigation, physical examination and drug screen.

Primary Duties

  • Essential Functions: Supervises maintenance and a staff of four (4) technicians. Plans and assigns work. Completes and submits warranty claims to various bus chassis and accessory manufacturers on behalf of the City. Trains employees in the safe operation of equipment. Schedules leave such as vacation, sick, overtime, and emergency leave by communicating with employees and evaluating staffing resources and workload. Monitors and inspects work. Evaluates employee performance. Establishes priorities of projects. Assists with difficult work situations. Works closely with supervisors and administration. Daily interaction with the subcontractor, Embark. Routing of public transit buses. Audio and video tracking. Daily reporting to follow FTA rules. Responds to accidents and emergencies that may include dealing with the public. Follows all FTA guidelines. Schedules all body repairs, graphics, decals, and advertisement graphics installation. Works closely with auto parts store to ensure that parts are obtained quickly and accurately; monitors costs to ensure that the City is billed correctly. Diagnoses complex or complicated malfunctions to provide a proper repair. Maintains time reports, accounting reports, and status reports of employees and equipment. Ensures that all tasks are correctly completed with no safety risk to employees. Available for emergency recall to provide wrecker service and repairs as needed. May be required to prepare and write equipment specifications. Performs related duties as required.

Desired Education & Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent. Minimum four years of experience in Fleet Bus Maintenance, or equivalent, including two years supervisory experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Desired Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge: Supervisory methods of interpersonal relations and communication, including collaboration, team building, motivation, and problem-solving; resource and operational planning; and performance management. Knowledge of public transit bus and para-transit vehicle operation and repair principles, methodologies and techniques. Tools, equipment, materials used in diagnosis, repair, maintenance and inspection of public buses and para-transit vehicles. FTA standards and guidelines. Occupational hazards and safety practices and regulations. Operation, principles and theories of hydraulic systems; electrical and electronic systems and components; and internal combustion engines, gasoline and diesel. Safety practices related to the repair of equipment. Experience in diagnosis and troubleshooting problems. Operation of networked personal computers. Skills: Operation and use of equipment and tools used in repairs and maintenance of public transit buses and para-transit vehicles. Planning work, planning schedules, and supervising skilled personnel to obtain effective results and meet established time frames. Ability to work closely with supervisors, subcontractors, and contractors. Use of computer business and fleet management software programs. Strong organizational skills. Reading and interpreting sketches, diagrams, and instructions as outlined in equipment repair manuals and repairing all systems on all types of equipment in a timely fashion, compared to industry standards. Communication, both orally and in writing. Interpersonal skills are necessary to lead subordinates effectively, resolve minor complaints, and deal with day-to-day occurrences.

Salary Range

$69,576 to $100,127

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Tiffany Upton Employment Tech 405-366-5485
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