Job Details

VIA Manager of Consumer Intelligence


The Manager of Consumer Intelligence is a manager position that reports to the Chief

Government & External Affairs Officer. This position is responsible for conducting,

managing, and reporting on data products and activities to support the overall efforts of

the agency.

As part of a larger team of professionals dedicated to VIA’s public engagement efforts,

this position will help to shape, plan and disseminate information to a variety of external

audiences using different approaches and mediums. A unified strategy will be utilized as

the organization’s marketing and promotions, communications, and government and

community relations functional areas work together to develop the agency’s larger public

involvement and external affairs efforts.

This individual will routinely present data findings to senior leadership and the Board of

Trustees with recommendations as to strategy based on the data findings

Desired Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Communication, or related areas of experience employing advanced data analytics methods with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in directly related activities.
  • Advanced degrees preferred. Experience in in application of data analytics through qualitative and quantitative survey methodology is essential for this position. Equivalent combinations of experience may substitute for degree.

Salary Range

6,318/month to 10,993/month


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