Job Details


Primary Duties

  • Responsible for effectively and efficiently maintaining facilities, facility related equipment, and public transportation related structures and associated equipment both on and off VIA property. Responsible for performing the following tasks, but not limited to, interior and exterior painting, finish and texture of sheet rock, wood staining and varnishing, facility related equipment painting, parking lot striping, preventive maintenance inspections of VIA owned facilities and equipment to ensure a high level of facility appearance and integrity.
  • Must read and write English effectively. Must have the training and experience which provides the required knowledge, abilities, and skills to perform the jobs listed in the general description of work. Facility Painter and Painter Leaders must possess
  • Shop Helpers require less knowledge and experience than the Facility Painter but must have at least three years of full-time verifiable work experience as a mechanic in any field or have a 2-year certificate in facility/plant maintenance or have successfully completed VIA’s Targeted Maintenance Training Program. A Shop Helper is an experienced person in a specialized field when hired but is required to progress to Painter as skill increases to required level.

Salary Range

22.29 plus differential pay after 1:30pm. to


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