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VIA Metropolitan Transit:  Senior Service Planner


Reports to the Manager of Service Planning for VIA’s service-planning efforts. Monitors the activities of the Service Planners. Prepares annual service plans for all modes and service types to include demand response, mobility on demand and paratransit services and develops the short range and five-year service plan. Responsible for Title VI analysis related to service plan and implementation and reports. Responsible for operational planning through implementation for various projects. Serves as project manager for special research projects. Obtains and analyses operational data for the preparation and implementation of service revisions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of transit operations. Serves as the link between strategic service expansion and route planning on long-term projects.

Primary Duties

  • Performs technical work related to service and operational planning involving collection of data, analyzing data, and reporting the results of the analysis. Conducts, market, and demographic research related to service plan development. Works with the manager and the coordinator of the department to formulate the short range and five-year service plan (all modes & services) and supports plans with other departments (e.g., Vehicle Fleet Plan, VIAtrans service plan, etc.) Coordinates and /or works with the scheduling staff & other departments, outside agencies to prepare and implement of service / operations revisions. Responsible for working cooperatively with other departments to achieve objectives for: on-time performance; increased ridership; cost effective and productive transit services that meet community needs; and a reduction in customer complaints related to service planning, route planning, schedules and customer information services. Work requires regular internal and external contact with all organizational levels, as well as the community and special target groups. Evaluates public, internal and outside agency requests for service changes and reviews, coordinates responses with service planning & scheduling staff for dissemination. Responsible for bus, rail, mobility on demand rideshare and paratransit databases regarding service performance; reviews and analyzes pertinent data to measure bus, rail and paratransit service performance. Responsible for updating all modes mobility on demand rideshare and paratransit service area. Responsible for providing the National Transit Database (NTD) bus, rail, mobility on demand rideshare and paratransit information. Prepares and maintains records, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and other materials incidental to the function of the department. Participates in the design and implementation of policies, procedures, and programs to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in VIA operations, increase ridership and responses to community’s public transportation needs. Coordinates with the appropriate department in the need for and timing of promotional activities, attendance at neighborhood and other community group meetings, and graphic support for service plans and special projects. Carries out independent research projects to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, on-time performance and responsiveness of services and promotional activities to community needs. Acts as a project manager for planning studies and implementation of the outcomes related to service planning & implementation. This job description excludes marginal functions that are incidental to performing the job. Other duties may exist.

Desired Education & Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Planning, Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Transportation or related field and a minimum of five (5) years related experience or an acceptable equivalent combination.

Desired Skills & Abilities

  • Must be familiar with and be able to use: • Computer software such as Microsoft Office products – word, excel, access, power point etc. • Computer to research information using search engines such as Google, Internet explorer • Crystal Reports • ArcGIS mapping software or equivalent software • IBM SPSS or equivalent software Must have experience in & knowledge of: • Mass transit • transit planning functions and their relationship to strategic & service planning and scheduling. • Americans with Disabilities Act as it related to public transit fixed routes and demand response services Statistics and analysis using large datasets Basic knowledge of applicable governmental regulations and federal, state, and local laws pertaining to transportation issues. Requires the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with individuals at all organizational levels both inside and outside the company using tact, discretion, and diplomacy. Ability to perform research, reach independent judgments, and advise staff of the most advantageous course of action. Must be able to determine the effect of service revisions through the use of elasticity formulas and projection methods. Requires the ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information. Must have the ability to read and compose complex material. Must be able to maintain good work attendance. Safety Accountability Statement: − Employees must consider safety in all tasks performed, as well as demonstrate safe judgment and decisions that not only maintain their own safety; but that of fellow employees and customers. − Demonstrate a professional commitment to assure compliance with all organizational policies, practices, and programs; related to safety, health, and system security. − Employees have a responsibility to identify and report hazards, as well as potentially unsafe conditions, to your immediate supervisor or Safety Department. − Employees are responsible, and required, to stop a job/task to prevent an unsafe incident or act from occurring. This acknowledges the threat of potential injury, property damage and the opportunity for better judgment to be used. Must support VIA’s EEO and Diversity Program.

Salary Range

$5315 to $9155

Contact Info

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Veronica Contreras Senior Employment Specialist 1021 San Pedro 210-362-2258
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