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VIA Metropolitan Transit:  Real Estate Coordinator


Responsible for coordinating license and lease agreements for VIA passenger facilities and VIA owned properties. Collects data and works with Legal staff in the development of legal documents. Keeps tenants and VIA staff informed of issues related to license and lease agreements. Ensures VIA’s rights and develops positive working relationships with tenants and other governmental agencies. Meets with internal and external individuals to identify and resolve issues related to property management of VIA real estate assets. Develops and negotiates lease agreements for use of VIA facilities and rental lease agreements for VIA to utilize non-VIA property. Assists the Manager of Real Estate with the formulation of the annual departmental budget and the Five-Year Plan. Provides assistance in the preparation of condemnation proceedings; testifies under oath when required. Pursues the implementation of joint development and transit oriented development opportunities with public and private entities. Coordinates with local governments on plans and projects which address public transportation.

Primary Duties

  • Investigates and analyzes joint development opportunities for the agency. Conducts extensive outreach activities throughout business communities and political entities to identify potential sites and potential participants for joint development opportunities. Analyzes site plans for future development and identify appropriate types of businesses to achieve transit oriented development. Manages leasing of property and agreements of VIA-owned property leased to other entities. Determines ownership and provides accurate title information required at different stages of the process to acquire leases and easements. As needed, prepares rights-of-way and cost estimates. Prepares preliminary information for Project Managers regarding site selection for proposed projects, i.e., cost estimates; tax information showing owners and assessed value on tax rolls; preliminary title information; maps showing location and square feet; locates possible sites adhering to request; sends out Rights of Entry to owners for environmental examination or for surveys and works with the Project Managers to choose the most desirable site for a VIA project. Resolves issues related to encroachments. Works with manager in developing solutions. Reviews reports and provides information for developing budgets. Reviews prior budgets and researches future requirements. Develops reporting tools as required by VIA management. Works with staff to identify space planning and allocation. Provides assistance to manager in identifying issues and providing solutions related to office workspace. Participates in the process of negotiating leases of VIA owned property and property needed for VIA’s use. Completes appropriate research and presents to manager to ensure that VIA gets fair market value for use of VIA property and to ensure VIA does not pay above market rates for leased property. Administers all leases, joint property use agreements and licenses for VIA. Works with other VIA division staff for the leases, agreements for various special events service. Formulates scopes of work, estimates budgets, coordinates procurements, monitors and directs consultant contracts for appraisals, surveys, environmental documents and compliance activities for right of way leases and agreements. Administers all leases, joint property use agreements and licenses for VIA. Develops and maintains a comprehensive database of VIA’s lease and agreements. Guides the resolution of right of way issues for VIA. Conducts research to determine assessed land values, rental values for possible leases and agreements. Performs related work as required. This job description excludes marginal functions that are incidental to performing the job. Other duties may exist.

Desired Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Urban Planning, Transportation, Engineering or a related field and at least three (3) years of experience in agreements and leases of real property, facilities, buildings and/or community development preferably in a transportation management position involving transit development, land use development, joint use agreements or an equivalent combination. A Texas Real Estate License is preferred.

Desired Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of federal, state and local laws of regulations relating to public transportation and real estate. The ability to understand and solve complex problems relating to the development of capital facilities. Must have a good overall understanding of transit programs and operations, including the ability to understand and perform work of a specialized and technical nature. Must be able to maintain both inside and outside contacts to carry out company policies and programs. Must have ability to deal effectively with individuals at all organizational levels, particularly with individuals of substantially higher rank on matters requiring explanation, persuasion and tact. Must have strong negotiating skills. Must be able to maintain confidentiality of sensitive material. Must have strong oral and written communication skills, including public speaking. Must have excellent planning and organizational skills. Must be able to work from broad policy, analyze conditions and adjust procedures to meet changing circumstances and meet deadlines. Must have ability to read and understand complex materials. Ability to gather and analyze community information and make recommendations. Requires initiative and independent judgment. Must have ability to use MS Office to include working knowledge of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Project. Must be able to maintain good work attendance.

Salary Range

$4410 to 5957

Contact Info

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Veronica Contreras Senior Employment Specialist 1021 San Pedro 210-362-2258
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