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VIA Metropolitan Transit: Director of Service Planning & Scheduling


Reports to the Senior Vice President of Development for VIA’s service planning and scheduling functions. Responsible for divisional operations, including prioritization of major work assignments. Prepares of the division’s manpower and budget activities for review by the Senior VP. Organizes, directs, and monitors the work in Service Planning and Service Scheduling Departments. Supervises and directs the activities of the managers of service planning and service scheduling. Responsible for VIA’s annual and five-year transit service plans, triannual transit service changes and annual National Transit Database (NTD) and transit performance reports. Coordinates the Keep SA Moving (KSAM) project integration, Long Range Comprehensive Strategic Plan (and updates), and High-Capacity Transit Corridor planning with the Planning and Development Group.

Primary Duties

  • Supervises and directs the managers of service planning and service scheduling departments. Directs and/or participates in workforce allocations, creating of rosters for vehicle operators based on the provisions of the “Working Conditions for Hourly paid Employees.” Develops and controls department budget. Designs and implements organizational changes, procedures, and management systems within the service planning & service schedule departments to effect efficiency in VIA operations. Prepares and maintains records, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and other materials essential to the function of the department. This job description excludes marginal functions that are incidental to performing the job. Other duties may exist.

Desired Education & Experience

  • Bachelors in Business Administration, Planning, Engineering, Economics, Finance, Transportation, or related field and at least 7 years of applicable work experience in transit and transportation planning/scheduling, or an equivalent combination. This experience must include 3 years of management experience, including direct supervisory experience.

Desired Skills & Abilities

  • Must have the knowledge to perform duties of “System Administrator” for the computerized scheduling system (Trapeze). Must direct and/or participate in workforce allocations, creation of rosters for vehicle operators based on the provisions of the “Working Conditions for Hourly Paid Employees.” Must be able to provide training to others in the field of advanced computer scheduling, run cutting and rostering. Must be able to effectively communicate both orally and in writing with individuals at all organizational levels, both inside and outside the agency. Must be able to maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information (Labor/Management negotiations, etc.). Generates and modifies transit service schedules. Analyzes and edits all vehicle schedule data within the bus scheduling software such as Trapeze Block Buster, including vehicle schedules, trip patterns, sign codes, driver notes, map changes and other data manipulations. Creates, analyzes, evaluates, and edits vehicle operators’ work assignments within the runcut and roster modules of the scheduling software; creates, analyzes, evaluates, and troubleshoots data for the automatic vehicle announcements. Coordinates and reviews the schedule/routing change, supervisor guides, info posts, operator paddles, public guides, operator maps, service change fliers, other schedule reports, etc., and distribution to designated personnel. Analyzes and reports other statistical data, vehicle mileage, route mileage, time interval, transfers, route changes, and schedule information. Reviews and responds to internal and external inquiries/comments/complaints. Interacts with the station foremen, service supervisors, dispatchers, and vehicle operators as necessary. Must follow instructions and meet deadlines. Must interact effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization, using tact, discretion, and diplomacy. Must perform research, reach independent judgements, and advise staff of the most advantageous course of action. Must maintain good work attendance.

Salary Range

$8173 to 14490

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Veronica Contreras Senior Employment Specialist 1021 San Pedro 210-362-2258
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