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Paratransit Digital Video Recording Systems: Invitation for Bid

RFP Number: 18-1114

Contact: Mr. Roberts502-848-8801


Intent of the request for Bids

It is the intent of this IFB is to require the bidder to provide pricing for Ninety-two (92), Digital Video Recording Camera Systems with fifty (50) options to purchase additional Digital Video Recording Systems for a total of One Hundred sixty (132) over a five (5) year period as needed. The contract must stay open for five (5) years from award date.

All digital video systems are to be installed on approximately 28’ paratransitbuses on a Ford E Series chassis with wheelchair lifts located in the passenger side near the rear of the vehicle AND 2018 and newer Ford Transit vans. The Ford Transit vans have the Wheelchair lists in the rear of the vehicles.

Vehicles listed in the section titled “Vehicle Listing for Initial Installationis a current but always changing vehicle listing and may change due procurement of newer vehicles and many possible unknown circumstances. The list is intended as reference for bidding purposes.

For the initial installation, we expect between 3 -15 of the system installations, will be in Ford Transit vehicles.

The entire system is to be made of entirely new parts and components. The specification of this IFB indicates minimum requirements unless otherwise noted. The price quoted shall include items of labor, materials, tools, equipment, clean up and any other costs necessary to complete manufacturing, delivery FOB Destination, installation, set up, testing, and training for BGCAP staff.

No change orders either deleting from or adding to these specifications will be allowed after the bid contract has been awarded without prior written BGCAP/BUS/ Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Transportation Delivery approval.

Acceptance of Bids

BGCAP/BUS reserves the right to accept any bid or to reject any and all bids on such basis as BGCAP/BUS deems to be in its best interest, subject to applicable federal and state laws and regulation, which require the purchaser to award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Awards shall be made only to responsible bidders that possess the potential ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of this procurement.

Contractual Obligation of Bidder

Each proposal by the bidder shall be submitted with the understanding that within ninety (90) days of bid opening, until an award is made, or until the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Transportation Delivery approves BGCAP to make the award, the acceptance in writing by BGCAP/BUS shall constitute a contract between the bidder and BGCAP/BUS which shall bind the bidder to furnish and deliver at the bid price in accordance with the conditions of said accepted proposal. Unless extended by the bidder, in writing, prior to the expiration of the ninety (90) day period, the bid expires, and no award may be made there under.

Clarifications and Protests:

A minimum of ten (10) days before the bid opening, all potential bidders may request the purchaser to give clarification of approved equals for portions of the specification. Written notice of any changes or approved equals allowed will be posted on our websitewww.bluegrasscommunityaction.org , no later than five (5) days prior to the bid opening. Thebidder must comply will all specified items or the bid will be considered non-responsive. No exceptions to the specification will be allowed after the bid opening.

Any protests that may arise prior to or following the bid opening shall be filed in accordancewith the Appeal Procedures “Model Clauses”.

Bidders must return the Confirmation of Receipt as soon as possible, but prior to the end of the question submission period in order to receive addendums and to properly document questions/answers pertaining to this IFB.
See IFB Checklist of Required Documents and Signatures located in Appendix A on page 92.

Summary of items to be supplied with Bid:

Terms of Payment:

The purchaser will make full payment within 30 days of completion and written acceptance by the purchaser (BGCAP). Completion and acceptance of the Digital Video systems will not release the bidder from liability for any corrections of faults found after final payment has been made. See section D.9, Prompt Payment Clause on page 8 for additional terms.


The Bidder must provide complete information on support in the initial bid proposal. The proposed support and associated costs will be taken into consideration in the award of a
All warranties shall provide, at a minimum, that all replacement materials and repairs (including labor) needed due to defects in material and workmanship will be furnished and installed promptly without charge. The warranty time period(s) shall begin on the date the Digital Video Recorders are installed in properly working order and signed off upon completion of the job.

Any standard warranty shall apply.


The purchaser may immediately terminate the contract resulting from this IFB for any of the following reasons:

Termination for Convenience: The purchaser may terminate this contract, in whole or in part, at any time by written notice to the contractor. The contractor shall be paid its costs, including contract closeout costs, a profit on work performed up to the time of termination. The contractor shall promptly submit its termination claim to the purchaser to be paid the contractor. If the contractor has any property in its possession belonging to the purchaser, the contractor will account for the same, and dispose of it in the manner the purchaser directs.

Termination for Lack of Funds: The purchaser may terminate this contract, or any part of it, because of non-availability to the purchaser of funds required under the terms of this contract, by serving notice of termination upon the contractor. In such event, the contractor shall be paid, from available funds, in accordance with the provisions of C.1.a.

Termination for Default:If the contractor does not deliver supplies in accordance with the contract delivery schedule, or, if the contract is for services, the contractor fails to perform in the manner called for in the contracts, of if the contractor fails to comply with any other provision of the contract, the purchaser may terminate this contract for default.

Termination shall be effected by serving a notice of termination on the contractor setting forth the manner in which the contractor is in default. The contractor will only be paid the contract price for supplies delivered and accepted, or services performed in accordance with the manner of performance set forth in the contract.

If the purchaser later determines that the contractor had an excusable reason for not performing, such as a strike, fire, or flood-events which are not the fault of or are beyond the control of the contractor, the purchaser, after setting up a new delivery of performance schedule, may allow the contractor to continue work, or treat the termination as a termination for convenience.

Download: Invitation for Bid

More Information: http://www.bluegrasscommunityaction.org/bgcap_bus_camera_bid.html


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