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Operation Veterans in Public Transportation (OVIPT)

Connecting Heroes to Jobs, Healthcare and Life

In 2012 Dick Ruddell, SWTA Board President, and Kristen Joyner, Executive Director, traveled to Washington D.C. to learn more about different veterans initiatives across the nation. SWTA and other public transportation associations quickly realized the great service our industry can provide to returning vets and collectively launched various initiatives across the country. OVIPT is SWTA’s regional effort to connect returning veterans to jobs in the public transportation industry.

  • To meet employment needs of returning veterans
  • To assist in the conversion of military skills to civilian job skills
  • To connect vets to in-depth public transportation training in various transit jobs
  • To assist vets in training, preparation and testing for commercial driver's license (CDL) or Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification
  • To counter the sudden loss of community veterans experience with discharge
  • To help sustain public transportation and meet the industry's succession needs
  • To increase employers' practical knowledge of transition and support needs
  • To engage military veterans within public transportation as trainers, coaches and mentors

SWTA is connecting with military bases and transit agencies to host future job fairs and to develop veterans-to-jobs pipelines throughout our eight great states.

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