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OVIPT Report: Fort Hood Veterans Job Fair

In March SWTA staff and local transit agencies near Ft. Hood met with returning heroes and their families to discuss the many career opportunities that can be found in public transportation.

SWTA is in full swing with OVIPT (Operation Veterans In Public Transportation)! as we travel around the region connecting talented future employees to fulfilling careers in transit.

In our recent visit to Ft. Hood, Texas some of the job fair attendees were looking to stay in the area after discharge and the HOP (Hill Country Transit District) stepped up to the plate to connect the dots to job openings in their agency.

Other attendees were willing to go almost anywhere in the SWTA Nation and beyond. Looking for great employees? SWTA has resumes and contact information for some of the Ft. Hood Jobs Fair attendees. Let SWTA know if you are interested in connecting people to jobs.

Ft. Hood Job Fair By The Numbers:

  • 300+ = the number of attendees and job seekers
  • 22 = the number of people who actively applied for the driver positions open at the HOP
  • 10 = number of people seeking dispatch, admin or HR positions
  • 6 = number of people seeking maintenance positions (includes diesel mechanic, electronics tech, and maintenance supervisor)
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