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South West Transit Association


The SWTA Bylaws were revised from their original form and approved by the SWTA Membership on March, 5, 2018, at the Denver, Colorado SWTA member meeting.


Prior to the vote, the revised Bylaws were sent to the membership on February 20, 2018 with an explanation of changes:

Key changes and clarifications:

  • Policy issues will be dealt with in policy documents.
  • The Bylaws will be reviewed every three years.
  • Officers will now have Chair and Vice Chair as designation, not President and Vice President.
  • Committees of the Board will be comprised of Executive Committee, Finance Committee and any other Committee the Chair believes are necessary to support and advance the work of the organization.
  • A section regarding the role of the Executive Director was added.
  • Indemnification and Surety Bond sections were added to the Bylaws.
  • Meetings of the board and notification to members was clarified.
  • Antiquated language and references were removed.
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