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South West Transit Association

The South West Transit Association (SWTA) is a regional transit association formed in 1979 to represent transit operators and others interested in public transit issues in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. In September 2020, the SWTA Board of Directors approved a Strategic Business Plan to guide our work between 2021 and 2016.

This plan reflects the input of our membership and business partners, the staff and the SWTA Board.

The Vision, Mission and Values provide the foundation for the plan’s Key Areas of Focus: Expert Leadership, Focused Legislative Support, Relevant Education and a Strong Network of Communication. The team developed the strategic Goals and Objectives in each Key Area of Focus through an extensive series of feedback and meetings including local and national trends. Our strong commitment to protect and support our culture underlies every strategic Objective. These Objectives will guide the work we do to create ongoing value for our members.

The Strategic Business Plan is a tool that clearly captures the most important priorities and will direct the development of our services and resource allocation. We are confident that this year’s planning process will lead to a comprehensive and responsive budget that balances the diverse needs of our membership through its emphasis on accountability, partnership, innovation, and efficiency.

We want to convey our appreciation to the members who provided their time and input to the process, to the Strategic Planning Team for their commitment, and to everyone who will continue to work on this Plan. As a living document, it is our commitment to update the strategic plan on a regular basis so that we can measure our success in coming years.

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