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South West Transit Association

SWTA: Next Gen

A group of SWTA Members identified as the SWTA Next Generation of Leaders, is made up of a community of like-minded transit professionals from across the SWTA NATION who are looking to connect and grow their network and careers. These members will cater to emerging leaders in the industry and the support/resource of young professionals.  

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide the resources to help SWTA members grow, and foster the next generation of our industry. Having a young professional group, Next Generation of Leaders, builds future leadership, energizes the transit industry, gains new perspective and helps integrate new technology and best practices.  


Member Attributes

Participants should be one or more of the following:

SWTA Member or Affiliate under the age of 45  
Identified as Mass Transit 40 under 40 
SWTA Member or Affiliate who expemlifies leadership qualities  
People who are changing careers (and thus starting over again) or those who want to spend time talking about things like innovation and technology. 

SWTA: Next Gen Mentors Council

Why Apply/Join Next Gen

Sign up for SWTA: Next Gen Email List HERE

  • Next Gen Group will serve as a pipeline to transit professionals to grow their careers  
  • Next Gen members will receive exclusive invites to networking events that are more activity focused  
  • Leadership opportunities either with SWTA or their agency 
  • Networking with people of similar age and interests  
  • Attending fun events 
  • Learning important best practices in the industry 
  • Being around people who have similar stage of life experiences 
  • Helping to make your profession more attractive to young people 
  • Contributing to create a louder voice for young people in the industry 
  • Being part of a mentor/mentee program  
  • Giving back to the community through an identified service project / organization 
  • Building a more well-rounded resume 
  • Sharing ideas to improve your community and building support for those ideas 
  • Learning from peers 
  • Discovering new job opportunities before they become advertised giving you an inside edge 
  • Making new friends 
  • Getting experience in public speaking and improving your networking abilities 
  • Finding inspiration to take your career to the next level or following your dream of opening your own business 
  • Learning from and exchanging ideas with entrepreneurs 

Upcoming Events

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