Read the chart below and select which membership type is right for you.


The Regular Membership is for providers of public transportation service. Publicly funded transit providers operating any form of urban and/or rural public transportation within the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma or Texas, including contract operators employed by public or publicly funded authorities, are eligible for this membership type.

Regular membership fees range from $250-$8500 annually and are based on the collective revenue/funding each agency receives.


The Professional Membership is for persons, non-profit organizations, groups or other public agencies active in the development or promotion of public transportation; municipalities or transit authorities contemplating the operation of a public transportation system but not actually in operation; individuals employed by operating transit agencies outside of the SWTA region; or representatives of publications dealing with public transportation matters.

A Professional Membership is $250 annually.


The Business Membership is for persons, firms, or corporations engaged in manufacturing for or rendering services to the public transportation field within the area of the South West Transit Association; or professional consultants or consultant firms that are engaged in professional transportation work but who do not currently provide public transportation service.

Business memberships range from $250-$600 annually and are based on each company’s gross annual revenue.