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South West Transit Association

SWTA Code of Conduct


SWTA is committed to providing events that ensure a safe and responsible environment for all attendees. All participants at SWTA events are expected to comply with the following Code of Conduct:


• Respect rules for public behavior, personal interaction, courtesy

and private property.

•Be considerate and respectful of differing perspectives during the event.

•Respect the rules and policies of SWTA, event venues and hotels.


Anyone subject to this policy who is asked to stop any harassing and/or abusive behavior is expected to comply immediately. If you feel physically unsafe or believe a crime has been committed, you should report it to onsite security or to the police immediately. SWTA may also involve venue security and/or local law enforcement, as appropriate based on the specific circumstances. SWTA staff and board officers are available to document allegations for future assessment and to assist in reporting through the event registration desk.

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